If you are interested in do a practical internship abroad apply this form.

We offer scholarships for VET and HE students:

  • Grants for VET (CFGM / PFI) to do internship (FCT) during 1 month

  • Grants for HE  (CFGS)to do internship (FCT) during 2 months

The amounts of the Erasmus+ grant depend on the country where the activity takes place.

We are created an evaluation team to guarantee the transparency of the participant’s selection.

The evaluation criteria to select the participant are:


Eligibility criteria: Erasmus+ grants


Items Justification and assessment Punctuation
   1. Motivation Writing motivation document:

–       English/French(up to 10)

 2. Compromise(1) Teaching staff report:

–       Attendance / Punctuality

–       Attitude / Adaptability

–       Responsibility/ Reliability

–       Autonomy

–       Respectfulness/ Inclusiveness

–       Marks

    3. Languages(2) Levels of any official EU language (foreign):(Up to 20 points)

–       Elemental(A1) +1

–       Basic(A2) +2

–       Intermediate (B1) +3

–       Advance (B2) +4

–       Native (C1/C2) +5

     4. Experience(3) –       Professional experience in the current studies +3

–       Professional experience in other fields +2

–       Work placement / traineeship +2

–       Volunteering +3

   5. Documents –       English curriculum Vitae /Europass English CV (+5)

–       Attend the voluntary course about Europass (+5)

6. Socio-economic   situation (4) In case the student has been already granted a scholarship from Education Min., in order to promote the Erasmus+ program in less favored situations, we will grant an extra 10% mark. 10%
7. Special needs (4) In case the student has any special needs we will grant an extra 15% mark 15%


(1)  The tutor of the student will fill these marks

(2)   In case the student have an official B1 or higher English title, the student doesn’t need to do the English level test, although the interview will be mandatory in any case

(3) The student must give the organizers any contract proof in order to be eligible for these marks

(4) Official documentation will be needed by the organizers in order to get this extra mark .

The deadline to apply for the grant is next: 16th November



To be a VET Student of INS Esteve Terradas during the school year 20-21 or if you got a degree last course 19-20

– Have a B1 level in English or official language of destination. If you don’t have any degree in languages a test exam will be provided by the organizers to get an idea of your English level



We will publish on the website in the next weeks