These are the steps we have followed in order to create our “CAN SERRA NEWS“, which integrates the 4 skills: writing, reading, speaking and listening. 

  1. Collaborative WRITING. First of all, each group invented a sentence (the beginning of a story created by the rest of classmates). The activity was called Folding collaborative WRITING.
  2. Group READING. When the stories were completed, we read them out loud and shared them with our colleagues. We also drew a picture which illustrated the different stories.
  3. Before acting, we watched some examples of Breaking News (by some funny children) in Canada.
  4. We WROTE down our script by following the example of the video we’ve watched. We copied some of the sentences they used in the video and wrote down speeches for our personalized “Breaking News“.
  5. Rehearsal and acting. We had to share the different sentences of the texts to rehearse, prepare our SPEAKING and acting out.
  6. Our teacher recorded us with a camera while we were SPEAKING and acting out the text. We used a green chroma screen to add special effects.
  7. The teacher transferred the videos to the COMPUTER and added the background that each group wanted. Then, in groups, we chose an “intro” and we put together all the edited the videos and created a movie.
  8. Finally, we watched and LISTENED to all the videos. To conclude, we will do an ASSESSMENT GROUP CHART to analyse the individual and group work.
  9. Now, you can enjoy the videos. We hope you like them!



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