Last week, 6th grade students completed a digital ESCAPE ROOM game. The game was based on a reading comprehension activity and the aim of this game was to identify general ideas and details in a story. 

They played in groups and each one had a tablet and a Game Pack.  The game was on Google Forms: No boxes, no locks…  When they answered the different questions, they got a CODE. If the code was correct, they passed to the next section

The kids answered a lot of questions but they didn’t complain because it was a game😉

The experience was very entertaining and they loved it!!

We will repeat the activity!


Hello families!
During the last weeks, 6th grade students were working in groups on their DARK DARK TALES and here you have the result: THEIR OWN DIGITAL BOOK!
We were inspired by the book “A dark dark tale” by Ruth Brown that we read in English class.
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Hello families!
Last week in English class we did some Halloween activities🎃👻: 

  • We found out secret Halloween messages and
  • We played Halloween dominoes and “Would you rather…?”.

With these activities we learnt new vocabulary like: werewolf, haunted house🏚, coffin⚰, broomstick, skull💀…
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