By Laura Martín, Patric Petrean and Aleix Pardell

On 24th February 2016 the IT students and teachers                

from INS Joan Amigo visited the Technological Park and its Business Exhibition in Reus.



In the Congress there were a lot of students from different schools, universities and even businessmen. First we heard the explanation of a youtuber who has nearly 41.000 followers. There were also many different types of talks. For example, the youtuber told us about the Youtube World, the differences between TV and Youtube and how it affects the advertisements related to youtubers’ and TV’s world. Then, the third speaker explained about how to be famous in social networks nowadays, and there were many more different talks.


We think it was a very positive experience because we learnt a lot and it was a possibility of being in direct contact with the business world and this can be very useful for our future.


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