Bohemian Rhapsody THE MOVIE

This movie told us the story of the life of Freddie Mercury. We saw how they formed the band Queen and how they became one of the biggest rock bands in the world. Freddie lived a very flamboyant lifestyle which included lots of sex, drugs and rock and roll. His parents weren’t happy with his lifestyle and that he changed his given name. He contracted AIDS in 1985 and this began a change in lifestyle. In 1985 Queen reunited to play Live Aid at Wembley Arena to raise money for starving children. After this he did a duet with Montserrat Cavaller for the Olympic Games of 1992, but he died before the games in 1991. He left all of his money to his first and only wife, Mary and left money to charities to fight for a cure for AIDS.

These are our words to describe the movie:

Respect-Fame-Teeth-Passion-Hope-Money-Amazing-Incredible-Powerful-The Show Must Go On…

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