Erasmus Creativity Club – 1st Task: Design the logo for Erasmus TV International

Are you creative and imaginative? Do you like reflecting your ideas on paper? Do your friends say you’re a little artist? Do you like designing things on the computer?  We need your skills and imagination in order to…

Design a LOGO for our project ERASMUS TV INTERNATIONAL

What’s a logo?

It’s a graphic representation of a brand, organization or individual. It helps recognize the entity it represents instantly.

It must be simple and representative of our project “Erasmus TV International”. The more simple, the better, since it will be easier to remember it.

Steps to design a good logo

1. Do some brainstorming and search for ideas. Make a list of possible ideas you want the logo to reflect (elements, colours, images and shapes)

2. From these ideas, draw sketches manually. Remember:

– Use very few colours (3-4 colours max.)

– Remove anything not essential.

– Use plain colours (no shadows, effects or degrading shades)

– The fonts must be easy to read.

– Create simple and easy designs

3. Digitalize your logo.


The deadline to send your logo to is on 26th November 2019.


The symbology of colours

Each colour has a different symbology and may give nuances of meaning to the message. 

Red: Energetic, sexy and bold.
Orange: Creative, kind and young.
Yellow: Light and optimism.

Green: natural world and growth.:
Purple: Spirituality, wisdom and inspiration.
Blue: Professional, calm and confident.

Black: True and powerful.

White:Simple, clean and pure.
Pink: Funny and feminine.
Brown: Rural, historic and constant.

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