Robin, princess of the Hoods

Robin is a rich girl who lives with her parents, the Garretts. They work in the textile industry, and their company makes a lot of money. One day she meets Tim Stewart. He is from a poor part of Nottingham, The Hoods. From him, Robin learns about bad things which are happening in her own city, like pollution in the air and water.What will Robin do when she discovers her parents are the cause of all this? Can Betsy, a nice woman who works in the Garretts’ house, help her?In this updated version of the classic story, our protagonist faces her enemies with courage, and helps the poor people in The Hoods to preserve their precious drinking water. We will talk about industry and the environment, about ethical and responsible consumption and about the value of friends and fighting against injustice.

We enjoyed the play a lot. In the English class we prepared it a little bit. We did our best!

You can see more photos.

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