Lyrics training – Perfect

Entra en aquest enllaç

i completa les paraules de la cançó.

Comença pel nivell “beginner” i, si t’atreveixes, arriba fins a “advanced”.






Si et ve de gust, ens pots escriure als comentaris quants punts has fet.

Saint Valentine’s Day

Today we’ve celebrated Saint Valentine’s Day in our school. It’s a holiday honoring love and friendship. So in previous days we wrote letters to our school friends and we posted them in our special post boxes. Today postmen and postwomen from different grades delivered them to us. We received our valentines: letters, cards and lollipops! It has been great, we are so happy!

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Preparing Saint Valentine’s Day

These days we’ve been preparing a special activity for Saint Valentine’s Day. We’ve been writing letters to our school friends. Every pupil wrote a letter to another pupil from the same level, so everyone can get one valentine’s card. Then we’ve sent the valentines through our treasured post box. We are eager waiting for the delivery time!


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3rd level pupils love playing the music box game

The music box game helps us reviewing English vocabulary while we have a great time!

When music starts playing, one pupil passes the box to the pupil next to him or her and so on. When the teacher stops the music, the pupil who has the box opens it and… there you go! he or she takes one card from inside and follow the instructions. We all want the music box in our hands!

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