Day 4 – Villanúa





By: Laura Jurado & Ainara Costa.

We are going to start talking about yesterday afternoon.

After the project we played with our class groups to a game called “the Olympic games”.  It consisted of 6 minigames like running with a ball behind your legs, or holding a ball on your back with a partner so that it doesn’t fall. Finally, the team who obtained more points won.

Then, when we finished the game we had the shower time and at the same time we were with our mobile phones.

After 1h and a half, we did the love box and the black box. Last night’s black box consisted on dancing a love song with a partner that you couldn’t choose. Later we had dinner “Canelones” and sausages.

The night game was called “the Madhouse”. In this game the monitors were characters that had psychiatric problems and we had to cure them. It was very funny and a little bit scary because the whole hotel was without lights and the monitors made strange noises to scare us.

When we woke up this morning, we went to have breakfast.

Later, we went out to dance a new song, it was a little bit ridiculous. Then, we had English class with our monitors, it was about “the global village”. We learnt a lot of new things.

After that, we went to “the Güixas caves”. At first we divided us in 2 groups. One group went to see the waterfall, and the other went to the explanation of the caves. And then we changed. When the 2 groups finished, we went to the caves. They were very beautiful, and so curious, but they were very cold.

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