On February 5th, Jack The Magic Teacher visited us in our school. The magic show was in English. Before his visit, we had done some preparation activities to learn the vocabulary in class.  

He did many magic tricks with different materials. He used ropes, rings, sticks, cards, paper, cups and red balls.

After the show, we voted for the best tricks.I was very surprised with the trick of ‘cups and ball’ in which the magician made the ball disappear into some silver cups several times. In another trick, Jack cut some paper with a knife and in a moment he joined pieces and got a whole piece of paper. Amazing!

It was an exciting show and all the students felt great admiration for the magician who was American. We were open-mouthed during all the performance.

I’m looking forward his return next year.


Blanca Jiménez Celaya 1B


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