Erasmus Policy Statement

Document: Erasmus_Policy_Statement

Our first goal is to promote the mobility, because we want to join the European market.


On the one hand, if we have partners in another country (we have partners in France and Holland, project NETINVET and in Germany, Stuttgart), we ask them if they are interested in an internship abroad. On the other hand, we ask the students, and if the majority of them are interested in a specific city, we put all our effort in finding these companies there.


The geographical area is all the EU and non-EU.There are several factors that are taken into account, the language practice, labor supply, their culture…


The objective we want to reach by participating in Erasmus program is basically to give continuity and improve our abroad placement program, by taking profit of the experience of an internationally consolidated network as Erasmus.


The main aims of our placement program abroad project are the following:

-To develop new relationships with professionals from other countries in computing area.

-To get used to working in a new environment in a foreign language country.

-To improve language learning while working in a foreign environment.

-To learn new methodologies while working in an European country.

-To validate the experience as something positive and useful for their professional future.

We include mobility activities in our Curricular Project, which is the document including the teaching objectives and strategy of our institution.

The monitoring will be practiced along the program. Every week students must fill in a notebook explaining the activities they are doing, the tutor of the school will follow it up by getting in touch via email and videoconference with students.

On the other hand, tutors will get in touch with the tutors of the company in the mid-probationary period, if no incidents will be contacted at the end of them.

We’re interested in students taking part in the training placements in a foreign country. And we are also interested in offering our students the opportunity to make part of their career in another country. We would like to interchange students with different countries for training placements and give the chance that teachers and administration workers participate in these experiences to improve their professional career. We want to participate in projects that favor a network set up.


The specific activities to be developed in the framework of the Erasmus program would be:

-Previously to the travel, the school provides language sessions in order to improve the communication ability of our students during the placement.

-Also, the students prepare themselves by doing a request activity in order to familiarize with the cultural, social and economical environment where they are going to stay.

-During the placement, the students will develop an Activity Plan, previously agreed with different companies, directly related with their studies curriculum, in order to get some official credits of our institution studies plan. The concrete number of credits will depend on the duration of the stay (minimum 280 hours, 8 weeks).

-At the beginning of the placement (and at the end if possible), a teacher from our institution visits the different companies and ensures that the students are properly welcome (at the beginning) and correctly evaluated (at the end). Moreover, during the placement, the teacher is constantly in touch with students and companies staff (via mail and phone) to guarantee the quality of the development of the activities plan.


•Students can grow both professionally and personally

•Students can learn other ways of life

•Students can meet other social and cultural environment

•Professional growing of the teachers. These experiences create network and relationships with professionals from other countries.

•Promoting the learning of other languages by students and teachers.

•Creating a network of collaborators (schools, companies and institutions).

•Interchanging of experiences.

We are participating in mobilities, we have participated in Comenius, Netinvet and with the Ministry of Education of the Government of Catalonia, in coordinated by the Ministry of Education, sending students for traineeships.



We are sure there will be a positive impact on ATTAINMENT LEVELS INCREASING, because students can grow both professionally and personally, learn other ways of life and meet other social and cultural environment. They can Improve the recognition of studies abroad, by strengthening the European Credit Transfer and Accumulation System (ECTS).


The quality will be better, it will improve the professional growing of the teachers, they will improve their English level or the level of language of the foreign country. Students and teachers will be able to learn other ways of life, and open their minds. The improvement of higher education enhances individual potential and should equip graduates with the knowledge and transferable competences they need to succeed in high-skill occupations. We will use new technologies to enrich teaching, improve learning experiences, support personalized learning, facilitate access through distance learning, and virtual mobility, streamline administration and will create new opportunities for research. It will also guarantee the same opportunities for all of students.


It will promote mobility and cross-border cooperation because we’ll be able to interchange the experiences. The students will have experience and will be able to solve problems related to the new situation of a foreign country, foreign language and different studies. It’ll be able to support mobility of learners, teachers and researchers.