German exchange with Nörf school


Last 15th  May, a group of students from the exchange with Germany came to INS Montbui. They stayed here for a week and we did a lot of things.

The first day, on Friday, we did an English workshop. After that, a Catalan workshop and finally a Sardanas workshop. Then, we finally made, a treasure hunt in Igualada that was very fruitful for all the students. At night, we went to see “castellers” all together, to show them a piece of our culture.

On Saturday and Sunday, we stayed with our families, and most of us went shopping to  Splau.

On Monday we went to Barcelona to visit Park Güell and Sagrada Familia, once we were there, Spanish students explained to them this two monuments that are really important and an identifying symbol of Catalonia, and of course of Barcelona.

On Tuesday, as they wanted to know how our normal classes are, we did our three subjects with them, and they saw the differences between Spain and Germany. After that, we went to the town hall to welcome German students and then, we did a treasure hunt in Montbui

On Wednesday, we went walking to la Tossa. They could see the vegetation, the roman church and the museum with a lot of photos of the past.

On Thursday, the last day before they returned home, we went to visit the monastery of Montserrat,  where we went for a walk around it and then, we could see the choir school of Montserrat. We also visited its interesting art museum.

To sum up, it  is amazing to make possible these exchanges. Besides,  you can make new good friends, I have to say that this has been an unforgettable experience that we all want to repeat again.

by Iván Piñero



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