German exchange 2019: an unforgettable experience

On Thursday 19th September, a group of 17 students from Norf, Düsseldorf, stayed  in Montbui for nine days which have been extraordinary:

We met a lot of people and I made new friends. Not only did we meet our exchange partner but we also got to know the other members of the group. We went on lots of  excursions (Sitges, Barcelona, la Tossa…) and  we did lots of  activities such as “Bitlles Catalanes”, “Sardanes”, “La Tossa” where some of us explained things to them, and 2 “Treasure Hunts” in  Igualada and Montbui.We also saw Moixiganguers in action on Friday night, which the German group found breathtaking. All this was done so that they could know a bit about where we live, our culture and traditions.

In Barcelona we visited La Pedrera to enjoy this Modernist building by Gaudí. In Sitges we also discovered many Modernist homes with the treasure hunt and we also learnt about our unique cava in Caves Codorníu, enjoying a picnic on the beach at midday, near Sitges church.

 It has been a really good experience for us. I recommend it to everyone. Personally,  I get along very well with my exchange partner and now we are friends. Of course, when we met it was a bit difficult because we didn’t know about what we could speak, but soon we started speaking and living different experiences together and now, we are very good friends.

 It’s very interesting and funny seeing that something that is usual for you  is very strange for another person; customs such as kissing, buying “normal water” or foods such as “pà amb tomàquet”, prawns…

 We haven’t been to Germany yet but , we are going in March next year. I am really very excited about it, and wishing to learn more things about a new culture.

By Iván García

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