1st Batxillerat London trip March 2019

      From the 7th-11th March some students from 1st Batxillerat had the opportunity to go to London to discover the city and put their  English into practice with our teachers ,Xavi Gumà and Mª Mercè Gabarró. We visited as many places as our feet allowed us!!


The first day we were really tired because the flight was early and we couldn’t sleep too much,but that didn’t stop us at all. After arriving in  London we went to Sohostel, the place where we stayed these 5 days.Then, we went to different places; starting from Trafalgar Square (where we saw a similar Colón statue like  in Barcelona), the London Eye and finishing with Piccadilly Circus,where we enjoyed some live music.We saw the Big Ben,but unfortunately it was being repaired.


The second day we were more motivated. It was women’s day. We went to Tate modern, a museum of contemporary art,which we loved and the  Globe (Shakespeare´s theatre),.As we were walking, we took a lot of pictures! We crossed the Millenium Bridge,and after that we had free time to have lunch and walk around the St Paul’s Cathedral.Then,  we walked among high skyscrapers in the most modern part of London until we reached the London Tower, which is huge!We were tired but we went to Covent Garden,which is a market and we bought some souvenirs while watching streest comedians and artists playing music.


On the third day. we went to Portobello,  which is one of the most famous markets in London. Lots of things were there, including peculiar antiques. We enjoyed some live music,bought some souvenirs and ate Fish and Chips! After that we went to the British Museum,where we saw different exhibitions and admired the Roseta stone, the Egytian mummies, the façades of antique historical buildings among other things.


On the fourth day we went to Hyde Park,a place where we fell in love, passing through the speakers´corner. And then, before going to Camden, we saw the changing  of the guard live. It was very crowded but we loved it.


The last day we were sad, but we enjoyed it going to the Natural History Museum of London.
We saw the famous dinosaur exhibition, admired the giant kits of sea mammals and animals from all parts of the world and lots of things more. After that we went to the airport and said bye bye to London.

Definitely,  we enjoyed this trip, we learnt new things and  we really had fun.Thank you to these teachers who made this possible!

By Manal Jebbour Koutabi







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