Lacetània is a public high school founded in October 1968 with the name “School of Industrial Mastery”.  In 1975, it became “National Center for Vocational Education” and, in 1980, “Polytechnic Institute of Vocational Training”.

After the recognition of the Autonomy of Catalonia in 1980, as the other Catalan centers, it happened to depend on the Catalan Government. In 1988 the center adopted the name “Institute of Professional Training Lacetània.” The 1993-94 school year meant the beginning of the current “Compulsory Secondary Education” (ESO), and Baccalaureate studies have been taught since 1995-96.

In June 2002 our school was awarded the first prize in Catalan Education by the Generalitat.

The institute pioneered the implementation of a management system based on continuous improvement and obtained the quality certification ISO 9001: 2000 in July 2002 in the area of teaching and learning. Fortunately we have successfully passed its processes of renewal.

Nowadays, students can choose to study both secondary-high school (up to 12th grade) and vocational training (up to Associate Degrees). It also offers an access course to the higher levels in vocational training. In addition, some programs provide job placement for those who have not completed secondary education. Moreover, it is a center grouping deaf teenagers and, from 2010-11, has a support unit for special education

In collaboration with the Foundation Lacetània, it offers vocational training for employees  who are occupationally active. The Institute collaborates with the Open Institute of Catalonia (IOC) in the field of vocational training and has a long tradition of participation in international mobility programs that allow its students to expand their academic knowledge at professional centers abroad. In 2014 the school received the Erasmus Charter for Higher Education from 2014 to 2020, awarded by the European Commission.

Currently, the centre has over one thousand four hundred students taught by more than a hundred teachers, and fifteen people work in the area of administration and services.