Our students

Here you have photos and a description of all the students from Roquetes who are participating in the exchange.




My name is Anna Casanova. I’m fifteen years old and I’m funny and happy. I live in “Urbanització Els Pilans” near Roquetes. I live with my parents, Conchi and Raul, and my sister, Lorena.I play volleyball, it’s my hobby and I train on Wednesday and Friday. I love animals, and my favourite animal is my dog.

Bye bye




My name is Paula. I’m fifteen years old and I live in Roquetes. My favorite color is purple and my favorite pet is a dog but I have none.

As for my personality, I consider myself a sociable person and a quite open to meeting people. I love going to my friends.I take lessons from eight o’clock to three in the afternoon.

My favourite Subjects are those about biology and maths. I don’t like so much the ones about Physics and Chemistry but I do well anyway. In the evenings what I usually do is skating, rework on the matter at school… I do not do much more.

I am almost always dressed in jeans and a T-shirt I never wear dresses or skirts if it isn’t a wedding or some important occasion. I like to party in the nightclubs here in Roquetes almost always doing something on the weekends. My hobbies are skating and being with my friends.



Hello my name is Jaume Bertomeu. I am 14 and I’m in 4th year of high school.
I’m thin and medium height. I have dark hair and brown eyes. I usually wear glasses to study and read. I’m friendly, funny and generous.
I love playing volleyball, riding mountain bikes and playing computer games. My favourite game is Overwatch. I also like animals and nature: I have 3 dogs and one cat. I live in a house in the country with my parents.i don’t have any brothers or sisters.
At the weekends, I have volleyball competitions and I meet my friends. We usually go to the cinema: we love action films !






Hello, my name is Pau and my hobbies are: playing football, go fishing.

I am very nervous, sympathetic and good person, I am cheerful and sociable person, I like talking to people and met friends.I hope you have fun and learn.








Hello, my name’s is Aida and I’m 15 years old. I live in a little village called Xerta and I have two dogs because I love animals. I live next to a farm, so I love the nature and doing long walks. One of my favourite things is theatre. I play different characters when I go to theatre classes in my village, and I really enjoy it. I love listening to music too, I do it everyday.








My name is Edgar, I’m 15 years old. I live in a little town call Benifallet city. My hobbies are playing the trumpet and the guitar. I also like meeting friends to play FIFA at PS4 or going to play football. I enjoy going to partyies, I really love music. I also work in my family’s restaurant. My favourite subjects are science.
I’m waiting for your e-mail!!







My name’s Júlia but you can call me Juls (my basketball coach told me J, if you find it easier). I have one brother, he have 12, and a sister who have 5. I play basketball, and also I played tennis, handball and football.

I’m very funny, friendly, crazy and often very lazy, but I always do all I say. When I have a problem It’s difficult to me to speak to someone. I have a notebok and I write there, this helps me. I want to be a tattoist, and a photographer, I love painting and people say that I draw very well (I can do a photo shoot if you want). In the future I would like to write a book.

I like read books about crimes and I love poetry.

Without music I can’t live. I listen to music all day: sometimes in the school, when I arrive at home and when I’m walking arround the street. I’m very independent. I love be in the street with friends and spend time with them.  I hate studying, but I do it because in the future I will have more exits to work.

I think that’s all. If I leave something, I will explain it when you arrive.  I want to meet you!

Júlia/Juls/J    😉





Hello, my name is Paula. I live in Roquetes and i’m fifteen years old. I’m a happy person. I love music and reading books. I play volleyball with CVR because is one of my passion. I have brown hair and brown eyes and my mouth is small. I wear glasses. I would like to study scientific laboratory

See you soon.






Hello, my name is Nerea. I’m fifteen years old. I live in Roquetes, Catalonia.I’m happy, amused and a little shy.I love music. I play guitar since 8 years.I like read. I heave a room full of books, seems a little library. Is my proffered room.I play volleyball with CVR (Club Volleyball Roquetes) because I love this sport, is my favorite hobby.I have brown and curly hair. I have green eyes and my mouth is small. I’m tall and thin.







I’m Nadia Curto.I live in Xerta.I like hanging out with friends and listening to music. My hobbies are dancing.








My name is Àngela, I’m fifteen years old, I like dancing and singing too, I go to a school of dance. I would like to study medicine so my favorite subjects are biology, physical and chemistry.I think that I’m a cheerful person and sometimes very sweet, but I’m a little shy too.

Bye,                        angelaacelmacelma@gmail.com





My name is Ariadna Forés Ferrer and I’m 15 years old. I’m from Roquetes but I live in Jesús with my dad and my mum. I have a brother; he is 19 years old, and is studying computer engineering in URV University. In my free time I have some hobbies: dance, read, listen to music, meet with my friends, go to cinema and more.

I go to a dance academy three or four times a week, I do ballet and hip-hop, but I prefer do ballet. My favourite subjects in the school are biology and chemical. After high school I wold like studying medicine in Barcelona.




aida-pascualHi, I’m Aida Pascual. I’m fifteen. I’m   from Roquetes, a littlecity in Tarragona. I playvolleyballwithmyteam, CVR (volleyballteam Roquetes). I lovereadingbooks and singing. I’m a Little bit hippie, and I’m liberal withall. And I have a wanderlust, i want to travelaroundtheworldsomeday. I have a cat, hername’sMysha, and I loveher. I want to studyscience, because I want to do physiotherapy, criminology, nutrition, air trafficcontroller… But I don’tknowit at allyet.

I hope youhave as enthusiasm as me to seeyou.







My name is Maria. I am 15 years old. I am thin,with brown hair and brown eyes.

I love meeting my friends and watching series too, and now I am really enjoying one called Narcos

I am excited about the exchange and I hope we have very good time.





My name is Adela del Valle. I am15 years old. I live in Roquetes. I live with my parents, my aunt and my brother but he studies in Tarragona.

My hobbies are theatre and dance. I Want to be an actress and film director.

Byebye, kisses.






Hi, my name is Clara Balastegui Ciurana. I’m 15 years old and I live in Roquetes.

I like playing games, going away with my friends, talking and playing volleyball with them…  I have a dog. Her name is Grisa and she’s 11.  I am a funny person. However I have some shame.

I hope you enjoy being here in Roquetes.
Kisses Clara.






My name is Joana Palanques Domenech. I’m 15 years old and I live in Roquetes. I have a sister her name is Carla. I live in a flat with my parents and my sister. My birthday is the second of June. I like travel to world and I want to be economist. In my free time I like meet with my friends.







My name is Silvia Carbo. I live in Xerta. I live with my parents, my sister and my brother. I’m fifteen years old. I do training session skaiting and swimming pool. My hobby is go to the motorbike. My pets are dogs and I love them.

Bye bye







My name is Júlia Curto.I’m from Roquetes .I am 15 years old. I like hunting , chocolate ,hanging out with my friends and going to parties.I have a dog it’s a caniche toy it’s called Deisy.

I have got a very strong character but I am very good looking.  In the afternoon I go to the academy and I meet my friends.






Hi I’m Àlex.
I’m 14 years old, I was born on the 11th of december of 2001.
I like to play videogames, I play the drums, I also play volleyball and I’m learning russian at the languages school.
I would like to meet you, bye!















Hi my name is marcos I am 16.

My hobbies are basketball, cinema and videogames but all with my friends.








Shine 100%



I’m Cèlia Rosa Andreu. I live in a small mountain village, its name is Alfara de Carles.

I’m a very happy person, but I’m quite shy with people who do not know or do not have confidence; I can not stand fake people and liars.

I like the cinema. The films that I like and that I see is romantics films, the science fiction and action. Is my favorite actor is Ewan McGregor. I’m a very fan of the Star Wars saga, but do not have a favorite movie, because, I see so many who do not know what to choose.

I also love to read romance novels. I try to read every day. My favorite time to read it at night before bedtime. My favorite book is The Fault in Our Stars ofJohn Green.





Hello, my name is Alexia Forés and I have 15 years old. I am and I live in Roquetes. I have a little sister, her name is Judit. She has 10 years old. I have a dalmatian dog. I like dancing, listening to music and being with my friends. I want to make this exchange to meet new people and practice English.











My name is Marta, I’m 15 years old and I’m from Roquetes. I’m not really tall or neither really short, my height is normal. I have brown eyes and long straight brown hair. I live with my parents and two dogs. I like Harry Potter. In my free time I like having fun with my friends, reading books, going swimming and doing human castles.








My name is Joan Vericat. I’m crazy for the theater and the volleyball. I
lose concentration so easily. To me being unconcentrated is more easy than counting
to five.

I’m happy since I was born.I like to help people. I’m a very small guy.
i’d like to be more tall, i estudie ltin filosofie,and french although I
study all the typical subjects like spanish catalan english maths etc…









My name is Cinta Arasa and i am 15 years old.  I like listening to music and going to parties.  I go to dancing on Monday and Wednesday.
I am a funny girl,I am never sad.
I have my own motorbike and I live in a little town near Tortosa called Reguers.  I live with my mother,my brother and my grandfather.

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