Unit 1 : TV: What’s on?

UNIT 1 consists of 7 steps.



Types of film

1.- Go to EDPUZZLE and watch the video on types of film.Can you identify all the types of film? Write them on your notebook.

2.-Now, match the sentences with the types of film named in the video. Do it on your notebook:

a) ___________ The story and characters are very funny. They make you laugh!

b) ___________ The music in this film is great and the actors are very good singers.

c) ___________ Two people meet and fall in love in this film.

d) ___________ I love monsters and vampires, but this type of film is not for little children.

e) ___________ These films are usually in America in the past. People ride horses and fight – a lot!

f) ____________ People say these films are for children , but adults watch them too.

g) ____________ These films are usually in Asia. The actors are often experts in karate or kung fu.

h) ____________ This type of film usually contains magic, supernatural events or strange places.


3.-Have you finished? Now think of these questions and answer them on your notebook:

a) What types of films do you like? Why?

I like…………………………….because……………………………………….

b) Do you like watching films at home or at the cinema? Why?

I like watching films at…………………………..because………………..

c) What’s your favourite film? Why?

My favourite film is…………………….because……………………………




Read and listen:


Hi there! I’m Luke. Welcome to my blog about cinema! I love watching films and going to the cinema. I sometimes go three times a week! My favourite types of film are horror, action-adventure and fantasy. What about you? I love Hollywood villains. Here are my top three. Do you agree?


Film: 101 Dalmatians 
Played by : Glenn Close
I don’t like this film much, but Glenn Close is a great villain in it. She loves puppies and especially Dalmatians -because she wants to wear them! Ha! She smokes a lot and wears terrible clothes.
Famous Phrase: “You beasts!”

Film: Star Wars V: The Empire Strikes Again
Played by: David Prowse
This is my favourite film and Darth Vader is a great villain because he never shows his face and he speaks with a strange voice. I love the scene when he tells Luke that he’s his father. It’s one of my favourite movie moments!
Famous Phrase: “I am your father!”

Film: The Dark Knight
Played by: Heath Ledger
Definitely the best! Heath Ledger is fantastic in this film. Mum doesn’t like it because it’s very violent, but the joker is brilliant -scary and funny!
Famous Phrase: “Why so serious?”


1.- Read the blog again and answer COMPLETE questions on your notebook:

a) What types of film does Luke like? Luke likes…….

b) Which actor is Cruella de Vil?

c) Why does Cruella de Vil like Dalmatians?

d) Why does Luke think Darth Vader is a good villain?

e) Why doesn’t his mum like The Dark Knight?

f) Why does Luke think the Joker is a good villain?


2.- Now it is your turn. Answer to these questions on your notebook and be ready to share them orally in class:

Do you agree with Luke’s best villains?

Which are your top three?

Why do you think they are good villans?



PRESENT SIMPLE: Affirmative and negative

1.- Go to EDPUZZLE and watch the video on the Present Simple affirmative and negative. Remember that’s your homework! It is very important that you watch it before coming to class!


2.-Video already watched? ok, now CHOOSE THE CORRECT OPTION in this chart and copy it on your notebook! It should be easy because it is just a reminder from last year!


I/ We / You / They LIKE / LIKES  horror films
He / She / It WATCH / WATCHES  films on TV



I/ We / You / They DON’T LIKE / DOESN’T LIKE horror films
He / She / It DON’T WATCH / DOESN’T WATCH  films on TV



 3.- Do you remember the adverbs of frequency  from last year? No??? Well, go to EDPUZZLE and watch a video on ADVERBS OF FREQUENCY. After, complete the diagram and copy it on your notebook:

Verbs that take – ING:  LIKE, LOVE, HATE, etc.

In English some verbs called “stative” verbs take the form in -ING afterwards. Let’s recycle that going to EDPUZZLE AND WATCHING A VIDEO. 

4.-Read these sentences and fill in the exercise with the verbs in the picture with faces:

a) I ________ making videos on my mobile phone. (++)

b) She _________ going to the cinema. (- -)

c) I _________ running in the park. (+)

d) They _________ watching cartoons. (-)

e) He _________ doing homework. (+/-)

5.- Now, make true sentences for you with every verb in bold from exercise 4. Do it on your notebook.










1.- Listen to Joanna nd Benjamin completing a survey. What type of survey is it?

2.- Listen again and choose the correct answers.

1.- Joanna watches TV…….

a) every day            b) only on weekends

2.- Benjamin watches………hours of TV every week.

a) 1-10          b) 10-20           c) more than 20

3.- Joanna prefers watching her favourite programmes………………..

a) on her computer           b) on TV               c) on her mobile phone

4.- Joanna usually watches TV…………………

a) alone           b) with friends             c) with family

5.- Benjamin and Joanna watch …………together.

a) documentaries          b) films            c) sport



6.- Watch the video on Edpuzzle about TV programmes. Write them on your notebook together with the translation.

7.-Now, give an example of every TV programme that you usually watch on TV. Do it on your notebook.



PRESENT SIMPLE: Yes/No questions

1.- We continue recycling the Present Simple with the “Yes/No” questions. Go to EDPUZZLE and watch a video on “Yes/No” questions in the Present Simple.

2.- Complete and copy the chart on your notebook:

Do you watch TV every day?
…………….. your brother like horror movies?
…………….. your parents watch TV at night?
Yes, I…………….. No, I don’t.
Yes, he does. No, he ………….n’t
Yes, they ……….. No, they don’t.


2.- Now practice this on your workbook.


PRESENT SIMPLE: Wh-questions



3.- Match the question words with their meaning. Do it on your notebook.

Question words meaning
1-who a-frequency
2-what b-person
3-where c-object or thing
4-when d-place
5-why e-time
6-how often f-reason


4.- Write the questions. Then answer them for you.

Ex: Who / you usually do sport with ? –> Who do you usually do sport with? I usually do sport with my friends.

1.- When / you have English class?

2.- What / your parents usually do at the weekend?

3.- Where / you usually go after school?

4.- How often / you and your friends go to concerts?

5.- Why / you usually have a shower?


5.-Choose a popular TV programme in your country. Write five questions about the programme on your notebook. Ask your partner your questions. Does he/she know the answers? (Pair work)




1.- Read and listen to the text. Then answer some questions orally in class.

Forget Hollywood, Bollywood is number one in the world of cinema!

Bollywood is the name of the Hindi film industry in India. Its home is the city of Mumbai (Bombay in the past) and it gets its name from the words Bombay + Hollywood. It makes about  1.000 films every year, that’s more than Hollywood. More people watch Bollywood films too, a lot more people: over three billion! About 14 million Indians go to the cinema every day!

Bollywood are different from Hollywood films in a lot of ways. They are very long, usually about three or four hours, and almost all of them are musicals –  they’ve got a lot of songs. The film Indra Sabha has got the record for the most songs; it’s got 71 and lasts over three hours.

Music and dancing are very important in Bollywood and the films usually contain typical Indian music and dance, like Kathak , or “tell a story” , a type of traditional indian dance. The dance helps to tell the story of the film. Bollywood films often include romance, comedy, action and adventure in their stories.

The films aren’t only popular in India. People watch them in over 90 countries around the world! They make the films in ten different languages including Hindi, Bengali and Tamil, but you can watch them in English or with English subtitles.



a) Which two words are implied in the word “Bollywood”?

b) Have you ever watched a Bollywood film? Which one?

c) Are you interested in watching a Bollywood film? Why/Why not?

d) How is the film industry in your country called?

e) Do you prefer films from your country or from Hollywood? Why?

f) What’s your favourite film? Why?


2.-Now, watch the video on “MUMBAI: FROM COMPUTERS TO FILMS” in class.




1.- Read Hanna’s blog post about her favourite film. Do you know the film? What kind of film is it?


Title of the film:__________________________________________________________________
One of my favourite film is directed by Catherine Hardwicke and stars Kristen Stewart and Robert Pattinson.

The film is about a teenage girl called Bella. She moves to the small town of Forks near Washington in the US and meets Edward. She discovers he’s a vampire but he only drinks animal blood. They fall in love but another vampire decides to kill Bella, so Edward tries to protect her.

I like this film because the acting is really good. The music and camerawork make it dark and mysterious. The film is perfect for fans of fantasy and romance.



2.- Now watch this trailer of the film:


3.- Now it is your turn. Go to your class PADLET and write a FILM REVIEW. Remember to write your real name on it and attach a picture or trailer of your favourite film! We’ll read them in class.

Padlet 2A
Padlet 2B
Padlet 2C
Padlet 2D


*Photo credit: All photos taken from Pexels and google images.