The Magic English Teacher: Jack Silva


February 6th, The Magic English Teacher Jack Silva visited our 1st and 2nd of ESO students! He performed amazing tricks to our students using magic tools like balls, silver coins, rings, cards, etc. It was really exciting and our students were really puzzled seeing Jack Silva’s tricks.

They enjoyed so much the show that some of them even offered themselves to perform a magic trick! Wow!

The Magic English Teacher Show: is a show for students of English as a foreign language. It includes both traditional magic tricks as well as tricks designed solely for the foreign language class.

When magic tricks are performed on stage, the magician’s combined use of verbal descriptions with gestures and action facilitate comprehension, making the show a very suitable and motivating activity for students with limited proficiency in English: the students have the illusion that they have completely understood a native speaker who always addresses to them in the foreign language.

For extra information go to his website:

Have a look at some photos of the show! Enjoy!


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