Writing a letter

We have been writing a letter to our future new schoolmates from the Secondary School in order to meet them before going to their school. We will recive a letter back from them in February. We had done an online activity and watched a couple of videos to get a better idea. Then in class we saw an example of a letter and got inspiration from examples extracted from “I love English Junior”, the magazine that comes monthly to our school.


Kindness boomerang

We have worked the kindness this week again. Do you think if we help people the world could be a better place? Do you think you do well with people? Could you do better? What do you share with friends? Do you make them happy? These questions have helped us to reflex about our actions. Sometimes we don’t think much about others as we are only interested in ourselves. Love means sharing. The video below has shown us that it is easy to be kind and it is something that depends on us, with every single action of our life.