We have worked in small groups today guessing what types of kindness acts we could do to have a better life for all of us. Some acts of kindness are very easy to do in our daily lives.

Pinotxos performing Pinocchio

Pinotxos have put on a good performance of the character Pinocchio through this song this week again. They do really well. 

Everybody in. Everybody out.
Everybody turn around. Everybody shout, “Hey!”
Everybody ready? Here we go.
Let’s do The Pinocchio.
Right arm!
Left arm!
Right leg!
Left leg!
Chin up!
Turn around!
Sit down!

Tintíns watching Tintin

We have done a first approach to the character that gives name to our class watching an introductory video. This is the first step towards discovering many more things, as there are a lot to learn about him. Our adventure journey has just started.