Tintíns watching Tintin

We have done a first approach to the character that gives name to our class watching an introductory video. This is the first step towards discovering many more things, as there are a lot to learn about him. Our adventure journey has just started.


Stop polluting!

We have learnt that is very simply. Stop polluting depends on us and there are three easy ways to stop polluting. Students have learnt some easy ways and had fun playing some online games like the following one.

Welcome back!

Tintins have met their English language teacher. After listening the teacher talking about himself, they have learnt how to talk about oneself, with an activity called “Introduce yourself“. This activity has helped us to break the ice and start talking in English in a natural way. They have been talking to their classmates in pairs and to the whole group about their age, where they live, the school they go to study and the things they like and love doing. That will help them from now on when meeting other people from all around the world. Something very useful for life.