About Antoine de Saint-Exupéry

After reading another chapter in English, we have learnt some important facts about the author of The Little Prince, the novel that gives name to our class this year. These facts helped the author to create the world of The Little Prince.

Some interesting facts about the man behind The Little Prince:

– “The Little Prince” has been a beloved children’s story for over 70 years.
– Much of “The Little Prince” is autobiographical.
– The Author, Antoine de Saint-Exupéry lived an exciting life that shaped his writing.
– In the early 1920’s he served as a pilot in the French air force.
– Later he piloted an airmail route across Africa, South America and the South Atlantic.
– In 1935 during an air race from Paris to Saigon his place crashed in the Sahara.
– He and his navigator we rescued by Bedouin tribesman.
– Leading up to WWII he was a military reconnaissance pilot.
– He published “The Little Prince” in America in 1943.
– In 1944 he was piloting a flight from France to Corsica and was never heard from again.
– His plane was found at the bottom of the ocean in 2000.
– For his 100th birthday, the airport and train station in Lyon France we re-named after him.
– “The Little Prince” was immortalized on France’s 50-franc note.
– And of course he has an asteroid named in his honour, “2578 Saint-Exupéry”

Stop polluting!

We have learnt that is very simply. Stop polluting depends on us and there are three easy ways to stop polluting. Students have learnt some easy ways and had fun playing some online games like the following one.