Sortida de la tardor

El passat divendres els Pinotxos i els Tabalugues vam fer la sortida de la tardor al Parc fluvial🌳🌾🏞.
Vam caminar i observar el nostre entorn més proper i també varem recollir algunes pinyes, fulles i troncs.
Després d’esmorzar vam gaudir del parc de la Tirolina i ens ho varem passar pipa!!

Storytime – Tabalugues

At storytime the Tabalugues have been listening to a very famous English tale about the weather and the countryside and the forest.
The post-reading task has been to perform the tale.








and we had a great time! 😃😀😀

Storytime – Pinotxos

This month we have been listening to two classic tales 📖:

Pinocchio👃 and the Three Little pigs🐷🐷🐷🐺.

After the stories we have been playing to some related games and have been acting the tales.

Photos coming soon…

Setting up the routines

These week The Tabalugues have been working on routines and classroom voacabulary 🆒🔅⬆⬇ and we also have reviewed the numbers 🔟.

During the storytime session half the Tabalugues class has been learning a funny story through movement and theatre, which we will continue next week.

Keep on moving!!!🕴👯

Songs and stories

Every week the Pinocchios are learning new songs and nursery rhymes.

During these last weeks we have been learning songs about animals 🕷🐳!!

And we also have listened to many stories: Pinocchio and two more catchy tales; one about sweets 🍬 and the other one about animals 🐦🐿🐠 and colours.

Keep learning!! 😁

Knowing Froggie the puppet

The first English days with Tabalugues have been a success 👌✨

All  Tabalugues have met Froggie, the frog puppet, and have had a great time!!

We also have sung songs and have done many TPR activities 🚶🏃














Keep on moving!!  😊


After reading the Little Prince book, the 5th grade students have made up a NEW ENDING for the book. It’s called: The 8th planet.

In groups of three, the Little Princes have written a short theatre play with a dialogue to perform. And eventually this week we have recorded the performances!!! You can find them in DRIVE!!!

Hope  you like it !!! 😉


The Little Prince characters game

The Little Prince class have handmade a game related to the characeres that appear in the Little Prince book.
Apart from the Little Prince, the aviator, the rose and the fox there are also such as characters as; the Lamplighter, the King, The Conceited Man, The Businessman, The drinker and the Geographer.
Hope you like it!