LET’S TALK on Ràdio Banyoles

On Tuesday 26th January, some students of our school had the opportunity to take part in the programme Let’s talk produced by Ràdio Banyoles. The group of 2nd Batxillerat, formed by Sumita Saroya, Laura Mach and Helena Teixidor, talked about their research project during Batxillerat and what experiences they had enjoyed best. Working in a primary school, visiting the court of justice and leading a hotel were some of them, and it was useful to help students with their future careers. Representing 4th ESO, Ione Jordà was the student who explained the school’s magazine and how it works, for instance their website where they publish interesting articles written by them. Laura Galera talked about her participation in a literature competition with Ione last year and how they got the first place over 6.480 more groups. The last one was Sergi Nierga commenting his Exchange with French students from Montpellier for the French subject and how it helped students to improve the language and, at the same time, meet amazing people and visit new places.

You can listen to the programme by clicking the link bellow:


Laura Galera

4th ESO Student

ràdio Banyoles

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