Treasure Island

Next Tuesday the students of 4th, 5th and 6th grade are going to the theatre to see a play in English called “Treasure Island”. Here you’ve got the songs of the play so they can listen to them.

My family

This week the students of year 1 have to learn the poem “My Family” at home. In this post you will find a video you can watch with them in order to practise the lines of the poem and check their pronunciation.

Baby Shark!

The students of year 1 are working on the family in the English class as they did with their classteachers some weeks ago. Today they have sung the song “Baby Shark”. This song tells the story of a family of sharks which go hunting. In… Llegeix més»

Cross-curricular project

The students of year 2 are working on the traditional clothing of France and China in the English class. They have looked for information about the topic. They have also made a poster and an oral presentation about the traditional clothing of these two cultures.… Llegeix més»