Hello everybody!!

If you want to see how the students of 3rd grade go shopping and sell clothes just watch these great videos! You will absolutely enjoy them!


3rd A

Group 1: WWE Shop

Starring Janira, Bilal, Aitor, Izan, Tamara and Sergi S.



Group 2: Stars Shop

Starring Josep Mª, David D., Iker, Laura, Elsa and David V.



Group 3: Colours Shop

Starring Sara, Cristina, Jesús, David P., Sandra and Adriana



Group 4: Planet Shopping

Starring Laia, Sophie, Sergi N., Nerea, Nayla and Magalí



3rd B

Group 1: Fashion Clothes Shop

Starring Marta, Mar, Patricia, Adrian, Lucia and Fatima



Group 2: Happy Clothes

Starring Miriam, Vania, Lidia, Eric, Maria and Carla



Group 3: JI & RED

Starring Jan, Irene, Roberto, David and Elia



Group 4: Poju’s Shop

Starring Nil, Quim, Julio, Pol and Alba


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