4th ESO students attended an International Mobility online talk organized by Ajuntament d’Arenys de Mar and Nexes.

Below, you can read some comments from 4tC students:

“In yesterday’s talk, we learnt a lot about our possibilities to travel around the world doing different types of activities. I have enjoyed it very much the talk and now I know lots of things to do internationally”.Júlia Díaz

“In the mobility talk, Alberto from Nexes explained to us all the possibilities of international travels and voluntary work abroad. In my opinion, it was very clear and interesting. Alberto gave us lots of information and explained everything very well. I think it was amazing”  Hugo Torreblanca.

“Yesterday Nexes gave us a talk about international mobility. They explained the different ways that we have for going to study, work, do voluntary work abroad. It was very interesting! Thank you!!!!! ” Rut Herce & Alexandra Salichs.



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