Foreign Stages

Foreign Stages

Institut de Nàutica de Barcelona students have the posibility to go abroad for an internship at a company. They have the automatic recognition of credits associated with the FCT module curriculum speciality.

To ensure the maximum benefit of their stay, all students must have a minimum level of English and pass a specific test.

You can find all the information, guidance and requirements needed to apply for this stay at the school department of European Programmes. This department works closely with all teachers to improve the English level of the students (General English and specific English depending of the speciality). They are also responsible for promoting mobility so that teachers participate in courses or workshops and share the experience with the rest of the educative community.

Important information in relation with Erasmus+

Institute’s English Brochure

What is Erasmus+


Students information

For any inquiries about European programmes, scholarships or grants, the contact details are:

Department of Foreign Stages

      Institut de Nàutica de Barcelona. C/ de l’escar 6-8, planta baixa

      Iona Ascolies Creixells