Breakfast with Isabel

Aquest dimarts 8 de maig, va tenir lloc la darrera sessió dels Breakfasts with Isabel. La Isabel Pujol, professora encarregada d’aquesta activitat, ens introdueix els escrits d’alguns dels alumnes que hi han assistit habitualment i que podeu llegir a continuació:

Tuesday, 8th. May 2018

The students of B2 and their English teacher have been meeting regularly for a chat at breakfast time on Mondays and Tuesdays. This has been our last meeting of the current school year.
We have enjoyed some good chats about our daily life and other topics of our interest. We have had laughter and good discussions too. It has been a space for English speaking practice, sharing ideas and beliefs, in which companionship and respect have always been present and, of course, breakfast!

Namarta & Xavi (B2A) → «Going to Breakfast with Isabel has been a great experience. We have been able to improve our English level and learn a lot of vocabulary about the different topics that we have discussed. Furthermore, everyone could have his/her little time to speak and give his/her opinion about the subject. What’s more, we have had some great breakfasts, and a bunch of laughs, which also helped us have a better bond between our classmates. We would like to thank Isabel for doing this activity in her free time. We hope she will be doing it in the next years in order to keep helping students and let them try this amazing experience that everybody should try, at least once a year».

Nirja Tolani, Laura Rus & Judith Mordoh (B2A) → «Breakfast with Isabel’ is a great activity to improve our speaking skills as well as build a specialbond with our English teacher. In the Breakfast, we used to choose a topicto talk about. We shared our opinions and discussed about it. Some topics were serious while others could be more fun, like what we had done the previous weekend or something similar, so we used tos penda great time together, with our class and other clases. Sometimes we did not see eye to eye but we always respected each other… that was a great part of it. We will surely miss those breakfast times!».

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