Planning, writing and revising one’s TDR can be overwhelming, however, Yalú did it in a brilliant way, since she has won a second prize in the prestigious John McDowell Awards organized by the APAC (Associació de Professors d’Anglès de Catalunya) in collaboration with the British Council and Trinity College London.
In her words: “My TDR: “The Learning and Acquisition of English in Adolescents: What is the role of comprehensible input?” beyond showing me the veracity of the language acquisition methods and the postulated theories, has meant a change in the way I know English: The Comprehensible input is the path to the acquisition and further learning. Likewise, it has awakened in me the possibility of becoming an English teacher, and thus being able to solve more unknown questions like the ones arose at the beginning of the project. Without a doubt, the results have been rewarding.”
  We are very proud of you, Yalú! Congratulations!

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