Next 31st of October we will celebrate Halloween.

You already know that a Jack O’lantern contest has been announced at school!

There are two categories:


-Best 5th level pumpkin

-Best 6th level pumpkin


The best Halloween pumpkins will get a symbolic prize!


It is not a compulsory activity but it would be nice if you do participate.


Be careful when using the knives or cutters and ask for help at home!


Deadline for bringing your Jack O’lantern is next October the 26th.


Here you can check out some videos to learn how to make your Halloween pumpkin:

And here you will find a nice tutorial with INSTRUCTIONS!

If you need templates (PLANTILLES) here you can find them. Anyway just type “free pumpkins patterns” on google and you will get plenty of them:

templates 1

templates 2

4 comentaris

  1. Iker i Marcos

    Hola som l’Iker i el Marcos i per casualitat em triat la mateixa plantilla de carabassa perque as ficat les més xules.Adeu Bruno de part de Iker i Marcos

  2. Iker i Marcos

    Hola Bruno ens em deixat una cosa: que segur que guanya algu de la nostra classe. Esperem que algu guanyi de la nostra classe aixi o celebrem. Adeu,jajajajajjajajajjajajajjajajaja

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