Creative Presentations

Throughout the second term and within four sessions of English Speaking class, the students of 1r Batxillerat B, C,D,E and the students of 2n Batx C,D have been carrying out an activity which proved to be engaging and memorable for all of them. At the very beginning of the term they were told to prepare a presentation in groups of threes or four which had to include both a theoretical and a practical part. The practical part varied from either designing a kahoot on the matter they had previously presented or conducting a survey through a Google questionnaire; Others were preparing the pie dough in class; blinding eyes and making try food to distinguish flavours; taking after animals to guess which are they; performing dances in class etc. The topics of the presentations they chose ranged from How to make an Oreo cake; how to dance zumba; Ten things you should do before dying; The Olympic games over the history; Veganism; Lifes of silenced women painters; The Newtonian Fluid; Different kinds of music; How to train cross-fit;  Australian fires; The Rocky saga; Coke or Pepsi; How to dance Bachata; Languages in the world; How to make Crepes; Drugs; Media and social nets today; Mc Donals or Burger King,does it make any difference? ; Weird animals; What makes a good friend ; How to dance a Sardana; Basketball and Football; Lactose intolerance, among others. Congratulations to all of them!