TGI photographic box


Last week, in the TGI, we handed in the storyboard on paper and we in the Classroom, too. This week the teachers had to explain how we should make the plasticine. But they decided that we didn’t make it in the end, because Christmas holidays are in two weeks time. Then, we don’t have time to make the characters of our storyboard and plasticine would be damaged if so.
In Art and English we started doing the photographic box. For that, we have to bring a box of shoes, silk paper, white cardboard, glue, double-sided tape and scissors. We are doing, in Biology and Technology, the scientific method (purpose, research, hypothesis, experiment, analysis and conclusion).
These weeks, TGI teachers ask (individually) to every pupil questions about SDGs, Art, creative commons… Definitely, questions about the project. If we guess it right we have a seal on our ADA LOVELACE passport.
Finally, we finished the storyboard and we started a new activity in Art, English and Biology, too.

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