Thank you Laura

This academic year has been really special for the Foreign Languages Department because we have had the pleasure to count on the help of Laura Van Der Meulen, an Australian assistant teacher.

Laura has helped our students develop and improve their speaking skills through games, language competitions, debates and chats. She has also taken part in some CLIL sessions (content subjects in English) like maths or science, providing the teacher with a model for pronunciation and vocabulary. It has been a delight to see the involvement of our pupils in her sessions and we are very grateful for her energy, commitment and positiveness, which have greatly encouraged the students.

In the following link you can listen to two 2nd ESO students, Óscar Martínez and Valentín Claret, interviewing Laura. You will find out the reasons why she came to Catalunya or she became an assistant teacher and you can also learn about the differences between the Australian and the Catalan educational systems:

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  1. Laura van der Meulen

    Thank you to everyone at Institut Ramon Barbat. This year has been fantastic for me too. I was very lucky to be able to spend time with you and chatting with you. It’s a great school.

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