The English Corners

We have implemented the English Corners in our school during the last few years. 

Learning Corners is a special learning activity for children which strongly promotes Independence and Love of Learning. Basically, it involves all the children playing and working on various tasks in the same classroom, under the supervision of the teacher.

It’s all about hands-on learning, interaction with others and discovery.

In the English Corners, the students cover all the skills (speaking, listening, reading and writing) using different types of games, tasks and devices such as tablets or computers… It’s another way to learn, practise and reinforce the vocabulary and grammar worked at the units.

Santa Cecilia a CM

Divendres 20 de novembre, diada de Santa Cecilia,  l’alumnat de Cicle mitjà vam poder gaudir d’un concert de piano  ofert per la tutora de 3r Cristina Vallès. La pianista va interpretar fragments d’obres de Mozart, Beethowen, Bach, Chopin, Debussy y… una obra composta per ella mateixa molt bonica. Va ser un gran dia.

A més durant aquesta setmana, a la classe de música, hem mirat videos gravats i enviats pels alumnes de tercer i quart tocant diferents instruments. Hi ha hagut molta participació i encara n’estem rebent!