Exchange graffiti

Our exchange this year has an artistic theme.  The idea is that while we are visiting our partner schools we decorate an area of the school with a piece of artwork.  We have decided that we want you to graffiti our school.


We have chosen a wall outside our school, it is next to the gym, and we want you all to design a piece of graffiti.




Then we want you to paint it on this wall.  You can prepare a design, a tag, your name or anything else related to the exchange.

2868902254_small_1 my_online_nickname_graffiti__accepting_requests___by_guineapig2lol-d52wake

When the wall is full of graffitis it will look like this.


img_1074 img_1270 img_1309

Then we will use a stencil to paint over the graffitis in white with the words of a short message.


We hope that this will be really spectacular.

So please you have to do two things…

  1. Design a piece of graffiti that you would like to paint on our wall.ç
  2. Think of the message, quote or sentence that you would like to outline in white on the wall.

Please talk about this with your partners via e-mail and come prepared!!!

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