Mobilitat Europea

International Mobility

  INFORMACIÓ:     POLÍTICA ERASMUS:  ENGLISH   CURRICULUMS OFICIALS: CURS 2013-2014 LOE  CURS 2013-2014 LOGSE CONTACTE: INSTITUT GABRIELA MISTRAL C/ Osca, 95-105 08620 – Sant Vicenç dels Horts Telèfon: + 34 936560000 Mail: In today’s world, communication between different areas of the globe is becoming easier, but at the same time we realise that our students need to prepare to confront diversity, know that differences do exist, and learn to find common ground between contrasting cultures and peoples. We all need to broaden our horizons, and thus be able to value what is the most positive, whether at home or abroad. It is our aim that graduates of our programmes are competent professionals, capable of confronting the demands of the profession, and adapting to each sector’s dynamics. The centre’s international network permits our students and staff to complement academic programs, open new horizons, and provide real links to their professional world. Our objective is to help give students mobility, by training them as open–minded professionals who will feel at ease at working and studying in a wide variety of cultural contexts. To this end, we have built up a network of international contacts as a fundamental element of the education we offer. This allows not only a fruitful exchange, but also provides a unique opportunity for the students to get accustomed to other ways of life, giving them ¨an education across borders¨. As part of our international strategy, our institution provides Leonard scholarshipsthat enable students, teachers and staff to develop specific skills, to improve understanding of new academic and professional experiences cooperating with other Middle Education Institutions and Companies. The mission of the work experience abroad is to aid students in gaining understanding, acquiring knowledge and developing professional skills for living in a globally interdependent and culturally diverse world. We offer pre-departure orientation to prepare students for living and working abroad. Topics include internship and employer expectations, health and safety, cultural differences and logistics. Students will have access to internship reports, and they will be briefed by students who have already had an international experience. In addition, students will be offered guidance with preparing their Curriculum Vitae, cover letter, and guidelines for a telephone interview.