Day 3 – Villanúa



By Lina Aarras and Ainhoa Guiñez

Yesterday at 18:00h. all of us went to the TV Room and we learned how to make massages in pairs. It was relaxing but at the same time it was really funny and your partner tickled you. Then we had our shower and mobile time.

Yesterday’s night game was called ‘Princesses and Dragons’. In this game there were 3 princesses, 2 dragons and 2 wise men. We were 5 groups of 10 people each group; the princesses dragons and wise men were the monitors. In this game we had to hold hands with the members of our group making a line to search a princess and tell to her complements and sing songs to her.  If she liked what we are saying she gave us letters in cards. We could also go to the wise men and make a challenge, if we did it right and we talked all the time with him or her in English she or he gave us some cards with letters too.

However, the dragons were watching us all and if one dragon was looking at us we had to crouch and keep in silence. If we weren’t in silence, standing or with the hands loose the dragon took a letter from us. The game was really funny for everybody because some monitors (guys) were trying to talk like girls, shouting and singing and they all were dressed with really funny clothes (we love this monitors).When the game was finish edwe went to sleep.

On Wednesday at 10:00h we had our English class as usual. Today the topic was ‘A sustainable development’ and then at 12:00h we went to Jaca, we have seen a lot of monuments, there were a lot of tourists and souvenir shops, the city was really beautiful and interesting.


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