Day 2 – Villanúa

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By Laura Castaño and Celia Piedrafita

Yesterday evening after the project time (16:15-17:30) we had free time and snack time and later we played some games with our monitors. We played   pictionary, memory and others.  At 7:00 we had the shower and Mobile phone  time.

After the shower some of us wrote some notes for the Love box. Love box is a box where people leave their love and friendship messages and later a monitor reads the messages out aloud in front of everyone. Then at 8:00 we go to the TV room to read the love box and the black box. To present the Love box, the monitors did a dance with some funny costumes and one of them, Eohgan, was wearing a reindeer costume. After that we did the black box. Black box it’s a box that the monitors put the names of the persons that break the rules or speak Spanish during activities. If you are one of these people you will have to do an embarrassing challenge. That day the chosen students did the same dance that the monitors had done.

At 9:00 we had dinner, the food was very good. Finally, at 10:00 we did some morse code games. Our favorite game was pass the ball with the neck. It was uncomfortable and a little bit embarraising because we were shy, but it was funny at the same time. At 11:00 we went to our rooms to “sleep” for the next day.

Today we wake up at the same time of yesterday and at 9:00 we had breakfast. At 10:00 we did an especial activity that was a little gymkana, it was in Villanua and we had to do some challenges, like take a photo to recreate the titanic or more. Later, we had free time and then English class wit our monitors. The topic of the day was  reuse, reduce and recycle, and we did a poster about an advertisement for recycling and we did some games too. At 2:00 we had  fideua  and meat for lunch, it was good. After that we had free time and some people played a new game that consisted in passing the ball and clap after that, it’s a good game. Finally at 4:15 we started the project time with Montse, today the topic was 3R’s AD.

We are impatiently waiting to discover what activities an new experiences tomorrow will bring.

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