Day 1 – Villanúa



By Núria Alay and Lúa Fábrega

Yesterday, Sunday 28 of May, we (the students of 2nd of ESO) went to Villanua. We left Cerdanyola at 3 o’clock, and after 5 hours of shouts and laughs in the bus, we arrived to our destination, the hostel.

At first sight, it was really nice, but when we got into our bedrooms, we realized that although they were very small, they were kind of pretty. We made our beds and prepared our things before going downstairs to the TV room where the monitors introduced themselves and explained us the rules.

Most of the rules were understandable, but when they said that we could ONLY have our mobile phones from 7 o ‘clock in the afternoon to half past 8, we all started to complain and we were very afraid and upset because we had expected that we could have them at night and during our free time. The majority of us couldn’t communicate that information to our parents.

When we left the TV room we went to dinner and after that, we played some games in groups. Then, we went to “sleep”.

This morning we’ve gone to class, they have divided us into groups  and every group has got a  different teacher. Today’s topic was  RENEWABLE ENERGIES. Then, we did a gymkhana all along the town of Villanua, it was really fun, but  it was very hot.

For the moment, it has been fun even though we haven’t got our mobile phones. But we have good news, we can use them now for 10 minutes. Something is better than nothing.




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