Playing boardgames

A l’escola tenim molts jocs de taula per aprendre i practicar l’anglès. A cinquè els hem provat i ens ho hem passat molt bé fent jocs orals. Parlar anglès pot ser divertit!

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Clil Solar System

A CLIL science estem estudiant el Sistema Solar. Aquesta setmana, hem fet una activitat ben divertida i lúdica per aprendre els planetes i el seu ordre. Mireu que maco a quedat el pati de l’escola. Som uns artistes!

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Board games in the english clasroom!

The kids in 3rd  level sometimes have a very good time playing with the available games they can find in this classroom.

They are very useful to review words and structures which have been previously worked during the english lessons, such as: opposites (adjectives and/or verbs), daily routines, the time… They can choose dominoes, card games, bingos, etc.

It’s really important to enjoy and play in english!!!

WORLD TEAMS (4th grade)


We are divided in FOUR GROUPS according to the countries in the FOUR CONTINENTS where English is spoken as the first language. So… we search information about different things in: UK and IRELAND (Europe), USA and CANADA (North America), AUSTRALIA and NEW ZEALAND (Oceania) and SOME SOUTHERN AFRICAN COUNTRIES (Africa).

We have worked with PHYSICAL DESCRIPTIONS this term, so our first “investigation” has been about ANIMALS OF THE WORLD. We had to bring news, texts and pictures to the class and there, TOGETHER IN GROUPS, prepare nice big murals to show our COOPERATIVE WORK.

It is an interesting activity and we are going to search about more topics the next two terms!!!