The chemistry in soap

The chemistry in soap

One of the IP’s that we are doing this year is the science IP. In this IP we have different subjects, such as biology, chemistry and physics. Every day, during two periods of class, not necessarily followed by each other, the students that chose the science IP all meet in one class douring, at least, one hour. The IP lasts 6 weeks and in total we have 10 hours a week, divided into five days and in total we do four different projects during the IP, all focused on different types of science. 

One of the projects we are doing in our IP is centred on the creation of soap but working with chemistry. This means that we learn about the chemical composition of different elements and other interesting things. During the course of the project we will experiment with the creation of soap and improve it each time to end up making a great soap. We are collaborating with the firemen in Barcelona, so the soap that we will make is for them, so they can sell it and with the money they will help the people whose economic situation has been affected by the coronavirus pandemic. We are divided into five groups of four people so we can work better and faster. Each member of the group is in charge of a different ingredient to make soap and everyone has a different role. Besides from the soap-making project, we also do different experiments and group projects to help us learn more effectively, and at the end of each experiment session we have to make a “science notebook” where we write all the important information and explain our experiments step by step, like a real chemist. 

Right now we are in the making of the best soap. We are really excited and willing to learn more about chemistry and very excited to work with the firemen. We also had two masterclasses that gave us a lot of information. 

We will show you the final result soon!

Esther Sánchez (4tB)