Social IP in Bitacola’s High School

This year, all the students of fourth of ESO started doing a new subject called IP (itinerari personal). We had the opportunity to choose which of the IP we want to do. First of all, we made some tests to know our preferences, and finally we made the choice. 

We had 3 different IPs, the technical and artistic one, where we would do technical designs with a 3D impressor and techniques of drawing and colors, the scientific one, where we would learn how to do soap and chemical experiments and the social one, where we would do philosophy and history about actual conflicts around the world (more specifically about refugees) . 

I choose the social one, because it’s the one that goes better with my preferences, and I choose it well because I like it so much. Philosophy is a new thing for us, but it’s so interesting. We are reading a book and we talk and refexionate about aspects of life (like death, stereotypes, what is good and what not, about society etc). We also make a lot of debates. In the subject called refugees, we talk about human rights, we make lots of tasks about walls and barriers, about all the types of them, about if we think that they are good, about if they help the society or if they are bad and unjust things. Also why people made these walls, their finality and why people have the necessity of crossing them to go to another country or place. We also analyzed lots of maps about immigration, and well, it’s sometimes hard because some tasks are difficult, but at the same time is interesting and I think that it’s good that we get conscience about a very big problem that it’s happening nowadays. 

I wish and I hope that this would help us to now what we want to do in the future, and to have an idea about what we are going to find if we chose to do baccalaureate.


Paula Buesa

Andrea Santos