Scavenger hunt!

This week, we’ve come from Easter holiday and we have had our first and very important assigtnment!!!! Absolutely all the students in Bitacola high school have been in charge of organising a team and making decisions. The teams were composed by a photographer, a researcher and 2 or 3 reporters. The photographers have taken photos, researchers have written down the answers to the challenges and reporters have been on hand to do anything else that needs to be done, such as interviewing a tourist! Although they have had separate jobs it has been important that they all stay together and communicate well.

Once again our saying “si anem junts anem més lluny” has a real sense.

Un scavenger hunt (aquí gimcana, de tota la vida) és una activitat d’exterior en què els participants han de trobar diferents elements, completar desafiaments i desxifrar enigmes, normalment per grups. Però aquesta vegada ho hem fet en anglès!