Hitchcock, teatre en anglès a 3r i 4rt d’ESO

Last December, our 3rd and 4th English teachers decided to make an excursion to Mont Àgora. A company of actors from London came to show us a theatre play called Hitchcock,based on the films of a legendary film director, named Alfred Hitchcock.

When the theater started,it was weird and difficult for some people to understand them, but after a while we understood all.The theatre company was composed by two men and two women.
In the first part, they presented the movie stars named Grice Keeley ,Casey Grunt and the extra,Eddie and the director,Hitch,the runner. The film producer gave them a week to make a movie or the studio would close. Hitch came up with various ideas for films where Grice complained that there werenot enough good roles for women.

The first film plot was the ‘Birds’,where a town was attacked by birds. The actors rejected this film. His second idea was ‘Rope’,about 2 college students commiting a murder,  hiding the victim in a trunk. The actors thought it was ridiculous. The next film was called ‘Rear Window’,  where a photographer,who had broken  his leg,watched his neighbours through his window and one day he saw a murder in a close apartment. They rejected it because they thought  it was unbelievable.

Finally they found the perfect one called ‘Psycho’ , about a man who had a split personality. Everybody was happy with their roles and they agreed that Psycho would be the biggest hit that the film producer,Louis Beymeyer was looking for.

We had a lot of fun watching this musical because Eddie’s part was very funny. Grice supported the roles of women and Casey tried to make romantic scenes. Also we learnt a lot about the story of Hitchcock.Personally I loved the British accent,and when the actors were singing too.  I loved it. It was very exciting and we had the opportunity to see it in our village. I enjoyed the play all the time.

By Manal 4 ESO A

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