Language practice camp at Coma-ruga (4t d’ESO)

Last week, the 4th CSE students went to Coma-ruga to “Estades lingüístiques”, in order to practice English. It was a good way to learn English, because a lot of speaking practice activities were designed for us. There were 4 instructors called Nicole, Mat, Ro and Rachel, who also taught us how to play some new games, it was a great experience!!

We also went to the beach in the afternoon to have a swim: the weather was warm and nice, but a little bit chilly.

We would recomend this learning experience because you can learn in a different, interactive and enjoyable way!

Written by 4th CSE students

Aquesta actuació forma part del Programa d’orientació i reforç per a l’avanç i suport a l’educació del Ministeri d’Educació i Formació Professional i està cofinançat pel Programa operatiu d’ocupació, formació i educació del Fons Social Europeu 2014-2020

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