German exchange with 2nd batxillerat

Last April from 4th to 12th April 18 students of 2nd Batxillerat travelled to Neuss, a little village near Düsseldorf, to participate in the 2nd part of our yearly German exchange.

The weather was good, so we could enjoy all the outdoor activities we had programmed. We visited the town of Neuss. We did a treasure hunt there to discover the village and were received by the mayor of the town. We also visited the old town of Kaisserwerth, Düsseldorf old city centre, Köhln with its beautiful cathedral and curious chocolate museum, where we could taste some delicious hot chocolate. Another day we went to Bonn, the former capital of Germany and were surprised by the exhibits of the Geschichte Museum ( history museum) with a collection of all kinds of objects from the 1940s on. We also went to the Neanderthal museum, the place where the Neanderthal man was discovered. The exhibit of the museum explained all the story about it and man’s evolution. Some of could stretch our on a little trek we enjoyed in the forest around the museum.

At the week-end students stayed with their families and got together at students’ house parties and enjoyed a typical week-end in Germany, with a wide range of activities, from barbecues near the Rhein river to horse fairs.

The atmosphere was very nice and many of us could not avoid some tears when we had to say goodbye.

In conclusion, it was a great opportunity to know new people, a totally different country and culture and a good way to improve our English fluency.

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