Institut Antoni Pous i Argila is a public secondary school which offers compulsory secondary school, high school and vocational training in Manlleu (OSONA), which is 80km away from Barcelona. There are 650 pupils and 70 teachers in our institution, which depends on the Regional Ministry of Education.

We believe that for our institution it is a good challenge to promote and to participate in the organisation of European mobility projects. We think that mobility projects – as a part of our curriculum – are valuable opportunities to develop our staff and students’ competencies.

Our institution offers different opportunities:
• Students: We provide internships in a wide range of enterprises.
• Staff: We provide job shadowing opportunities in our school and in different enterprises.

If you are interested in participating in a project with us, please let us know by sending an e-mail. We would be pleased to give you some more details.

International mobility coordinator (VET): Rocio València Zambrana



Advanced VET courses (level 5 EQF) Higher Technician in Pre-Primary Education
Higher Technician in Social Integration
Higher Technician in Teaching and Animation social and sportive activities 
Intermediate VET courses (level 4 EQF) Technician in Assistance to People in Need of Care
Conduct of Physical and Sport ACtivities in a natural environment


Erasmus Charter  for Higher Education 2021-2027



Carta ECHE (Erasmus Charter for Higher Education): we did it!

El passat 27 d’octubre de 2017 se’ns va informar que el nostre institut ha aconseguit l’acreditació per poder participar en propostes de mobilitat internacional a nivell d’educació superior (cicles formatius de grau superior) a partir del programa ERASMUS+. Aquesta acreditació s’anomena Carta ECHE i se’ns… Llegeix més»