Halloween little snacks in CM

Once again, the kids in 3rd and 4th grades have enjoyed preparing easy and funny “terrorific” recipes to celebrate this traditional festivity at the end of October.

Oreo biscuits are one of the favourite ingredients for children. So, we have repited the little OREO SPIDERS in 3rd level, using bootlace and little xocolate sweets like white “Lacasitos”, too.

As witches are always one of the most popular characters, in 4th level the boys and girls have prepared special BROOMSTICKS using two types of cheese, salad sticks and fresh chives.

We think the results have been good and… delicious!!!!!


Cliqueu a la imatge

Oreo Spiders

The week before Halloween, the boys and girls in 3rd GRADE made a SPECIAL DETAIL to eat: one of the most popular characters, THE SPIDER!!! It was really tasteful because we used really good ingredients, such as: Oreo biscuits (for the body), black bootlace (for the legs) and white “Lacasitos” (for the eyes). We could add Little pieces of Mikado for details as the mouth or eyebrowns.

We had a really good time and… Spiders were very good!!!