Polish-Catalan connection e-twinning project

On Wedenesday 20th February 2019, we did our first videochat connection with Poland, it took place as an exchange activity in our e-twinning project which takes place in the 3rd grade of ESO. We used our laptops and Internet connection in order to communicate with them. We learnt to use the application of videochat hang out.

Before the day of the videochat, all students prepared some texts. They worked on some contents in order to be able to talk about topics of their interests, such us: the school, our town, personal interests and hobbies.

Finally the big day arrived, we were all together waiting for the connection to be done in class. We were a bit nervous but eager to meet finally our partners from Poland. We were watching the digital screen when suddenly all Polish pupils appeared on the screen! They were seated in their class chairs, they were about 10-12 students, from 12 to 16 years old, they were looking at us too, their faces showed surprise and excitement- It was a very special moment for all!

At the beginning we were trying to fix some sound problems that we had, but there it was Pepe, our IT assistant who finally was able to solve it. Meanwhile everyone was a bit shy, nobody was brave enough to start talking but after a little while pupils were more confident and started to talk about themselves, introducing themselves, asking and answering questions about their routines at school or about their favourite subjects and free time activities. It was a very good and special experience for everybody.

Have a look to some more pictures we took that day.

Now that we know each other, we are looking forward to have them here in Castellterçol in spring time, let’s see if we can make it happen.


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